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Improve sports performance

We are here to help you with your sports specific goals through sports performance training, strength and conditioning, coaching, nutrition consulting, or group classes.  We train people individually, with a friend, or in classes with the goal of helping you reach beyond your initial goals and achieve higher levels of fitness than you thought possible.  

Look good and feel great:  Become the complete athletic package

Our functional fitness approach includes sports performance training that includes strength and conditioning, balance, agility, and flexibility, based on the idea that training should translate to the way you live your life. Everyone can benefit from a strength and conditioning program, whether in an individual or small group setting. Having your own coach overseeing your program and progress is a key piece to athletic success.

Be smart with your fitness budget

If personal training is not what you are looking for, or you like training with a group of people, our punchcard system for small group classes provides many of the benefits of intense personal training with a more affordable approach.   $100 for ten classes.

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